Powering Annuity Sales for Emerging Broker-Dealers

To get your piece of the growing annuity pie, you need technology that handles all of the complex tasks involved with annuity transactions. That means effective lead/opportunity tracking, research, quoting, order entry and e-application. SmartOffice integrates seamlessly with Ebix's AnnuityNet and VitalAnnuity to deliver the ideal annuity platform for growing broker-dealers.
The Magic of Straight-Through Processing

Selling annuities in today’s technology-driven business environment is a lot easier once you have a great end-to-end process in place. On one end, your field force needs intuitive tools for creating and submitting applications for prospective customers. On the other end, your back office needs comprehensive processing and tracking capabilities to take those applications to the inforce stage and beyond. Ebix delivers a unified solution that does it all.
How does all of this translate in the real world? Read about our recent partnerships with Centaurus and Docupace to find out.

Annuity Processing Features for Broker-Dealers

Powerful Lead & Opportunity Tracking

Establish robust, compliant sales processes. Track the sales pipeline and forecast revenue. Identify, assign, cross-sell, and support orphaned accounts.

Seamless Annuity Research & Order Entry

Our wizard helps your reps gather the information you need to process applications quickly, complete with e-signature support. For fixed annuity sales, get the latest rates and run product comparisons that help close sales.

Unrivaled Inforce Policy Updates

Once you sell an annuity contract, use our DTCC data feed to keep policy status and other data updated. The same feed will also update your life and long-term care book. We also have feeds for updating pending annuity business (see our supported carrier list).


Streamlined Case Management

Data from submitted annuity applications passes directly into SmartOffice. From there, your staff can begin suitability review, rep licensing/contracting checks, underwriting, and more.

Comprehensive Commission Tracking

Ensure that commission payouts go smoothly with accurate tracking of commissions generated on annuity transactions. Project commissions and reconcile carrier statements to make sure you’re getting what you’re owed.

Iron-Clad Audit Trail

Matching clients with the right products isn’t just about suitability anymore. The SEC’s Regulation Best Interest tightens the standards for recommendations. Prove you’re in compliance with automatically archived correspondence, notes, and documents.


A quoting and information tool for fixed annuities that helps your reps find the best products for their clients and run side-by-side comparisons to see how they stack up.


An order-entry platform containing information, rules, and forms for more than 1,600 annuity products from more than 40 carriers. Your reps can use it to submit applications that are complete, virtually error-free, and consistently reviewed for compliance and disclosure issues.


The SmartOffice module that can receive applications from AnnuityNet for review by the back office. Staff can track advisor licensing and contracting, underwriting requirements, and more.

Dynamic Reports

A fully customizable reporting system that offers real-time insights into your sales pipeline, advisor activities, case status and underwriting, upcoming tasks, and other aspects of your business that you need to stay on top of.

These are just a few of the many features SmartOffice offers. For a more comprehensive look, watch our SmartOffice Overview.