SmartOffice for Emerging Broker-Dealers

Today, a broker-dealer needs a stellar technology platform to attract advisors and to grow. Whether you've started building that platform or you're looking for a good place to start, SmartOffice can help. We combine enterprise-class CRM with comprehensive integration capabilities, allowing you to create great solutions using best-in-class applications and services.
The Unified Solution You Can Count On

From portfolio management and financial planning to compliance and cybersecurity, you and your reps have critical business needs. And there are great solutions out there that meet those needs. With SmartOffice, you can connect the best applications and services available in innovative ways, reducing costs and boosting efficiency. In fact, creating great integrated solutions for broker-dealers is a specialty of ours—we've been doing it for decades. Through our development and research, we strive to create deep, highly functional integrations that produce results for real users in the real world.

Integration Features for Broker-Dealers

E-mail Archiving for Outlook/Exchange

SmartOffice automatically archives the e-mails your staff and reps send in the course of daily business. Our integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange helps you maintain a strong audit trail for compliance reviews and audits.

Accelerated New-Account Opening

Opening accounts for new clients is a lot faster when you can push the relevant data directly into the right forms. SmartOffice does this thanks to its integrations with systems like Docupace Starting Point and Fidelity Wealthscape.

Cybersecurity Policy Enforcement

Our partnerships with cybersecurity experts OS33 and FCI help broker-dealers implement iron-clad information security programs to guard against data breaches and other cyber attacks.


Expert Processing of Data Feeds

SmartOffice automatically updates clients’ portfolios by pulling in securities and annuity/insurance data feeds from providers like Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab, DTCC, and others. Give your advisors the most complete picture of their clients’ finances possible.

Fast Planning & Portfolio Management

SmartOffice works seamlessly with popular advisor tools like eMoney, MoneyGuidePro, Albridge, Riskalyze, and more. That means your reps can do the financial analysis, planning, and reporting that clients demand more quickly.

Policy Data in Salesforce

Already using Salesforce as your CRM? Our app embeds SmartOffice’s life insurance and annuity quoting, underwriting and servicing tools directly inside Salesforce. Advisors can access quotes, illustrations, policy details and more directly from a client’s Salesforce record.

Docupace Integration

A highly efficient way to open new accounts using Docupace Starting Point. Launch your Docupace new-account workflow from SmartOffice to prefill forms with SmartOffice data.

Outlook Integration

A plug-in for MS Outlook that lets you access SmartOffice notes, documents, investments, and other data from within Outlook contacts. You can even launch other SmartOffice integrations from Outlook!

MyRepChat Integration

A fully compliant chat solution that allows reps to interact with their SmartOffice contacts using SMS text. All conversations are archived in the SmartOffice contact record.

MoneyGuidePro Integration

A financial planning integration that exports SmartOffice contact demographic and investment portfolio data into MoneyGuidePro. Create financial plans quickly by minimizing the need for manual data entry.

These are just a few of the many features SmartOffice offers. For a more comprehensive look, watch our SmartOffice Overview.