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Adding Contacts

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This lesson explains how to add contacts to your database.

Note: The Albridge data feed will automatically create contacts in SmartOffice for your existing clients, but you may want to create contact records for your prospects.

Entering Basic Contact Details

Suppose you want to create a contact record for a prospect named David Elliot, who was referred to you by a client named John Smith.

  1. Type David Elliot in the Search box and press ENTER. If the contact doesn't exist, SmartOffice asks if you want to create it. Click Yes.

    Tip: If you're sure the contact doesn't already exist, you can click the Add New button and select Contact.

  2. Fill in the Last Name, First Name and Greeting fields if they are not already filled in.

    Tip: When filling in fields, press TAB to quickly jump to the next field. Press SHIFT+TAB to jump to the previous field.

    Note: The Greeting field shows what the contact prefers to be called. If it's different from the first name, change it.

  3. In the Type drop-down list, select Prospect.

    Tip: To quickly select a choice in a drop-down list, type the first one or two letters of the choice, and then press the down arrow on your keyboard to jump quickly to that choice. Finally, press the ENTER key to select the highlighted choice.

  4. Enter the prospect's birthday and Social Security number in the Birth Date and SS # fields.

    Note: The Birth Date and SS # fields are very important. Without them, a duplicate contact might be created the first time the new client's account information is downloaded from Albridge.

  5. In the Referred By field, type Smith, John. As you type, SmartOffice displays a list of matching contacts. When John Smith’s name appears, press the ENTER key.
  6. In the Primary Advisor field, enter the rep's name the same way (last name, first name).

Entering Phone and Address Information

  1. Using the TAB key, navigate down to the Business field under Phone.
  2. In the Area Code column, type a full phone number, including area code. Example: 8005551212.
  3. Press the TAB key to automatically separate the number into the Area Code and Phone # fields.
  4. Tab down to the Street Line1 field under Address.
  5. Type the following address on a single line: 111 Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
  6. Click the small Split Address button to automatically enter the address data in the appropriate fields.

  7. Click Save & Close to see David’s new contact record.

Entering Spouse Information

Suppose you want to create a spouse record for David Elliot's wife, Stephanie, and link the records together.

  1. While still vieiwng David Elliot's record, click the Menu button and select Advanced Options > Create a Copy of 'Contact' Record. A contact record called David Elliot - Copy opens.
  2. Change the new contact record so that it contains information about David's spouse:
    1. Change the Last Name field to Elliot.
    2. Change the First Name field to Stephanie.
    3. Change the Greeting field to Steph.
    4. Fill in the Birth Date and SS # fields.
    5. Click the Menu button and select Save.
  3. Under Family Information, click Add Spouse/Partner.

  4. Use the search dialog box to find and select David Elliot's record.
  5. When the Key Relationship Detail dialog box opens, under Define the Relationship, select Husband from the first drop-down list. The second drop-down list automatically changes to Wife.

  6. Click OK.
  7. When asked whether you want to create a household, click Yes.
  8. When asked whether you want to copy addresses and phone numbers to the spouse record, click No (in this example, the information already exists in both records).
  9. Select Menu > Save.