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When you sign in to SmartOffice from your portal, you'll see a screen that looks something like this:

This is your home page, which contains your Dashboards. Dashboards can track a variety of data, including upcoming client birthdays and review dates.

Here's a summary of other key features you should know about. We'll go into more detail about many of these in other lessons.

Item Image Description
Search Box Use this box to search for contacts, investments and other records in your SmartOffice database.
Alert Center Button This button shows whether you have new alerts from the system or from other users in the office. Clicking it opens the Alert Center.
Add New Button This button lets you add records to your database. For example, you can use it to add contact records for prospects.
Profile Menu This menu in the upper-right corner gives you access to SmartOffice Help tutorials and videos. This is also where you'll find the red Sign Out button, which ends your SmartOffice session and returns you to your company portal.
Quick Action Corner This set of buttons in the upper-left corner give you quick access to different calendar views and allows you to quickly create calendar activities and tasks. Hover your mouse over a button to find out what it does. Right-click anywhere on the Quick Action Corner and select Customize to change the buttons.
Side Menu The side menu gives you access to extended features and systems in SmartOffice. In addition, the History tab at the top of this menu lets you see and quickly return to any of the last 10 pages you visited. You can "bookmark" any history entry by selecting its check box, and you can right-click a history entry to rename it.