Advisors rely on FMG Suite to create effective, high-impact online marketing campaigns and collect leads using powerful website, e-mail, and social media tools.

SmartOffice integrates with FMG Suite to help you easily market to your client contacts in SmartOffice and quickly act on your website leads.


  • Save time on data entry: No need to maintain client data in both applications. Manage your contacts and sets in SmartOffice and let them sync to FMG Suite automatically.

  • Jumpstart your sales process: Import leads from your FMG Suite website into SmartOffice and leverage SmartOffice’s sales workflows to start working them right away.

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Contact Sync


Step 1

Connect SmartOffice to FMG Suite and configure your SmartOffice sync settings.

Choose the daily auto-sync option to keep your contacts in FMG Suite up to date with changes you make in SmartOffice.

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Step 2

Let FMG Suite pull in contacts and sets from SmartOffice (sets appear as groups in FMG Suite).


Step 3

Start marketing! Create e-mails in FMG Suite as you normally would.

When you’re ready to send an e-mail, choose your SmartOffice contacts or groups on the Select Your Audience screen.

Lead Import


Step 1

Leads submitted through your FMG Suite website appear automatically in SmartOffice as a set.


Step 2

Launch SmartOffice’s Marketing Options feature directly from the set to add your leads to a campaign, opportunity, or event.