True Agency Management
SmartOffice provides complete agency management that keeps all of your practice's operations in perfect sync. From sales to underwriting to compensation, SmartOffice helps your producers and staff live up to their potential while allowing you to easily measure your agency's financial health.
SmartOffice helps you:

  • Supercharge case management
  • Track commissions
  • Drive sales
  • Streamline staff efficiency
  • Integrate with existing tools
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A record of all advisor interactions with clients—everything from calls and text messages to correspondence and shared documents.

Exchange Sync/E-mail Posting

An integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook that stores and syncs advisors' contacts, calendars, and emails in a centralized database—no matter what devices your advisors use.

Pending Case Management

Take control of multi-carrier, multi-product new business processing with automatic download carrier status updates. Case managers can accept carrier updates automatically or use side-by-side processing to manually validate new data.

Dynamic Reports

A fully customizable reporting system that gives you real-time insights into advisor activities, tasks you need to complete, and other aspects of your business that you need to stay on top of.