SmartOffice Predictive Analytics

Who are your best sales prospects? Sales managers tend to make those judgments based on some combination of limited data, intuition and guesswork. SmartOffice applies artificial intelligence to the prediciton process, helping you zero in on your best leads and opportunities.

How SmartOffice Predictive Analytics Work

SmartOffice features an advanced prediction algorithm that examines the data you have about a lead and computes the amount (in estimated AUM and/or annual premium) that you can expect to generate from that lead after you close it. SmartOffice factors in demographic information along with historical ROI and other data mined from across the industry to arrive at its predictions. SmartOffice also leverages machine learning to constantly adjust its algorithm based on detected trends, ensuring that its forecasts remain relevant over time.


SmartOffice Delivers Next-Gen Analytics for Firms of All Sizes

Reduced Risk

Feel confident that you’re devoting time and resources toward the most promising opportunities. SmartOffice calculates the potential revenue ranges of prospects to 95% accuracy.

Comprehensive Reporting

Run prediction data through SmartOffice’s Dynamic Reports engine to distribute high-value leads evenly and generate prioritized call lists.

Analysis at a Glance

Learn all you need to know about a prospect’s potential in seconds. Easy-to-consume analytics can appear on your SmartOffice dashboards or in compatible third-party applications.


Real-Time Enhancement

Improve predictions by adding more data about a prospect at any time. More data helps SmartOffice narrow the predicted revenue range.

Cross-Sell Potential

Quickly identify existing clients who aren’t generating the type of revenue they should be. Target those clients for complementary products and services.

Credible Book Valuations

Looking to sell your practice? Negotiate a great price by giving prospective buyers a reliable estimate of your book’s revenue potential.