SmartOffice Pro integrates with many third-party applications. Here are a few integrations that Advisor Group reps will find especially useful:

  • Smarsh Exchange Sync: Keep key data like contacts and calendar activities accurate, consistent and synchronized between SmartOffice and Microsoft Outlook through an automatic, secure connection. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

  • Albridge AppLink: Navigate seamlessly between a client’s record in SmartOffice and the same client’s record in Albridge Wealth Reporting.

  • eFile (Docupace): Open a client’s eFile folder directly from that client's SmartOffice contact or investment account record.

  • eMoney: Export SmartOffice contact, policy and investment data into eMoney to quickly create financial plans for your clients.

  • Other SmartOffice integration partners include Laser App, MoneyGuidePro and Copytalk, just to name a few. See our comprehensive list of integrations.


SmartOffice Pro features collections of useful reports called dashboards. Dashboards give you real-time insights into your client database that you can use to make smart decisions for your practice. Click here to learn about the dashboards we’ve created especially for Advisor Group reps. And for more information about working with dashboards, read our Home Page and Dashboards overview.