SmartOffice Agency Management
Superior Services for Brokerage General Agencies

Agency case managers need technology solutions tailored to helping them move new insurance business smoothly and efficiently from application to submission.

SmartOffice is built with case managers in mind, providing them with dedicated tools to manage new applications, supervise the underwriting process, and keep advisors updated on case status. With SmartOffice, you can hand cases off to your carriers in record time.

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Drive CASE Placement

Take policy processing to the next level with our powerful suite of production features.

  • Track new business from the application stage all the way to the inforce stage.
  • Generate case status reports for advisors, or give advisors access to their own web portal for retrieving case status 24/7.
  • Supervise the entire underwriting process with tools for following up on requirements, entering notes, generating correspondence, and tracking communication history.
  • View a report dashboard that lists critical information such as case size, key outstanding requirements, 1035 exchanges and general follow-ups.


Supercharge Case Management 

Take control of multi-carrier, multi-product new-business processing. 

  • Streamline communication between carriers, service providers and advisors.
  • Track formal and informal cases.
  • Log notes on communications from all parties in a single location on the case.
  • Easily convert illustrations and quotes to cases with a click of a button.
  • Receive automatic status updates from carriers view carrier data from within the individual case.
  • Track cycle time in each policy stage (e.g., days in underwriting, days in issued, etc.).
  • Generate customized case correspondence using merge codes to pull in data from SmartOffice.
  • Automatically check advisor licensing, appointment and compliance status for new cases.
  • Automatically verify product availability in the state of sale.

Integrate Your Entire Workflow

SmartOffice features integrations with the applications and services you use every day to drive your case workflows.

  • Order paramedical and APS services and receive order updates electronically within case records. Supported providers include American Retrieval, APPS, EMSI, ExamOne, Express Imaging Services (EIS), Jetstream APS and Pro Scan Partners.
  • Receive pending case updates electronically from more than 70 carriers.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office lets you track e-mail correspondence with advisors about their cases and generate beautifully formatted case status reports.

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