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Superior Services for Brokerage General Agencies

When you're helping producers close sales, your efficiency in delivering quotes, illustrations and other critical support can make the difference between a signed contract and a lost opportunity.

In today's sales environment, that means adopting technology that empowers you to work faster and more productively.

SmartOffice is tailor-made for today's insurance agency sales professional, combining streamlined communication tools and integrations with popular quoting/illustration applications. SmartOffice helps you speed through your workflows, from the proposal stage all the way through hand-off to the case manager. 

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Become a Star with Producers

Producers want fast, accurate and relevant sales assistance when they're working an opportunity. SmartOffice helps you react faster to their requests and deliver the materials they need.

  • Create quotes and illustrations with a few clicks based on data you receive from advisors in the field. SmartOffice integrates with popular applications like WinFlex to make the job a breeze.
  • Deliver product information and advice instantly to help producers meet their prospects' needs.  
  • Maintain superb communication with producers and track their progress in the sales process using correspondence and proposal tracking tools.

Measure Performance 

You can't know how well your producers are doing without hard data. SmartOffice gives you real-time insights into just how well your sales support efforts are paying off.

  • Generate comprehensive, consolidated reports showing producer sales and trends.
  • Set up custom dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute metrics on your operations.
  • Link proposals to actual production statistics. 
  • Analyze illustration-to-application ratios.

Increase Your Productivity

SmartOffice helps you maximize your efficiency with a comprehensive range of tools and services.

  • Get up and running quickly. The industry's most comprehensive integrations with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook let you staff use the applications you already know.
  • Enjoy contact/calendar sync and e-mail posting that works across all of your devices thanks to our Microsoft Exchange support.
  • Organize your work with automated tasks and follow-ups to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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