SmartOffice Enterprise CRM
for Broker-Dealers
Make the toughest aspects of servicing clients easier

When choosing a technology platform, broker-dealers and their supervisory branch offices need a solution that helps increase sales, enables comprehensive oversight of rep activities, and provides valuable insights into revenues and assets under management.

With decades of experience serving the financial services industry, SmartOffice is a proven customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for the complex business needs of today's broker-dealer.

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Take Sales to a New Level

SmartOffice is packed with tools designed to help broker-dealers and their branch offices boost revenue and grow assets under management.

  • Generate reports on your existing client base to find cross-sell opportunities.
  • Manage leads and sales opportunities to identify prospects, gauge potential revenue and measure rep performance.
  • Design marketing campaigns to coordinate sales activities, and link those campaigns to opportunities to measure their effectiveness and revenue.
  • Manage a library of product informaton and approved marketing materials for distribution to branch offices. 

Strengthen Supervision and Compliance

With SmartOffice, broker-dealer offices of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJs) have the tools they need to make sure reps stay on the right side of legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Archive and preserve client communications, documents and notes to comply with securities laws and regulations.  
  • Create and manage standardized correspondence templates and marketing materials that reps can use to communicate with clients.
  • Create reports that analyze transactions and other firm activities to spot irregularities and other red flags.
  • Track advisor licensing and continuing education requirements. 

Increase Staff Productivity

SmartOffice helps you maximize the efficiency of your organization with a comprehensive range of tools and services.

  • Stay productive and keep in touch with your team while you're on the go. SmartOffice features robust support for smartphones and tablets.
  • Get your staff up and running quickly. The industry's most comprehensive integrations with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook let your staff use the applications they already know.
  • Enjoy contact/calendar sync and e-mail posting that works across all of your devices thanks to our Microsoft Exchange support.
  • Organize your team with automated tasks and follow-ups to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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