SmartOffice Workflow System

SmartOffice's workflow platform save you time every day by automating and optimizing repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

  • Eliminate forgotten steps and human error.

  • Bring consistency to complex processes.

  • Free up bandwidth to do more for your clients.

For an introduction to the workflow system, watch the overview (right). To see the system in action, take a look at the example case sets below.


Defining a Trigger

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for creating a workflow trigger that will automatically set the Sub-Type to A-Clients on Contacts with over $500,000 assets under management.


Velocify Integration

  • Updates to records in SmartOffice can trigger webservice calls to outside systems, like Velocify.

  • When a Contact is added to a SmartOffice Set, a Lead is created in Velocify for a Campaign that matches the Set Name.

  • When SmartPad notes are created in SmartOffice, they are copied to the Lead in Velocify.

  • When Contact fields are updates, the data is synchronized to the Lead in Velocify.


Case Set #1

  • Copy case notes to opportunity notes.

  • Sync case FYC with opportunity potential revenue.

  • Create a case when an opportunity stage is updated.

  • Update an opportunity stage when a case is created.


Case Set #2

  • Add an Agency party to a new VUL case.

  • Select the Policy Collateral Assigned option when a collateral assignee is added to a case.

  • Select the Policy Rated option when the insured is rated.

  • Create a follow-up activity for temporary ratings.

  • Create a Review Allocation activity when a VUL case goes inforce.

  • Change a contact's type from Prospect to Client when a sale is made.

  • Update the policy value as-of date when the gross cash value is updated.


Case Set #3

  • Prompt for activity creation when a case goes inforce.

  • Customize the page layout of new activities to optimize task completion.