Welcome to SmartOffice Academy! The Academy is here to help Foresters advisors learn SmartOffice basics quickly. This series of short lessons is packed with hands-on learning material. Each lesson includes a video and written instructions to help you get up to speed.

Academy topics

  • Setup and contacts
    Learn how to navigate SmartOffice, and then dive into the basics of contact management. You’ll learn how to create, modify, group, import and search for contacts; create households and key relationships; enter notes in the SmartPad; and customize fields and list layouts.

  • Calendar
    Harness the power of SmartOffice’s calendar to better manage your time. These lessons show you how to create activities, manage tasks and collaborate with other users.

  • Investments
    Learn how to track your clients' personal finances. These lessons cover viewing account and position values and managing securities.

  • Integrations
    Find out how to speed up your daily workflows by using applications like Docupace and BOSS with SmartOffice.