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Reassigning Investment Accounts

Investment accounts downloaded from Albridge may not always be assigned to the most appropriate contact record in SmartOffice.

For example, SmartOffice might decide to track an account held in trust or a 529 plan under a Trust-type business record. But you might prefer to track it under the appropriate client contact record instead.

In these instances, you can change the contact assigned to the investment account.

  1. Search for the investment account (if you forgot how, review the Investment Accounts lesson).
  2. In the list of search result, select the account (do not open the account record).
  3. Click the Menu button and select Advanced Options > Reassign Primary Contact. The Reassign Primary Contact dialog box opens.
  4. In the Primary Contact field, type the new contact's name (last name, first name).

    Tip: As you type, matching contact records appear in a menu. Select the correct contact.

  5. Click Save.

The account list refreshes and shows that the account is now linked to the new contact.

Note: Reassigning an account does not interfere with Albridge updates. Albridge will continue to update the account, but it will leave your new assignment intact.


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