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Managing Activities


Learn how to quickly access the SmartOffice calendar, track detailed information about the outcomes of calendar activities, and use the Agenda View to plan out your day.


Viewing the Calendar

  1. In the Quick Action Corner, click the Calendar Week button to display the calendar week view.

  2. When the calendar opens, note that all-day activities are listed on the bottom of the page, while tasks are listed on the right.
  3. Click the Day, Month and Agenda tabs to see different views of the calendar.

Tracking an Activity Outcome

When you complete a meeting, appointment or other activity, SmartOffice can help you capture the outcome of the activity and set up next steps.

For example, let's look at how you would track the outcome of a meeting you just finished with client Ray Long. Ray needs some time to discuss the meeting topic with his spouse, and you promised to call him in a couple of weeks to follow up.

  1. Find the meeting in the calendar and point to it (but do not click it). The activity's information card opens.

  2. Click Mark Done to open the Activity Outcome dialog box.

  3. Starting at the top, under Select an Outcome, select Contact Made.
  4. In the next section, Outcome Options, select Schedule New 'Call' Activity from the list.
  5. Under New Activity Details, click the Pick Date button to set the date and time for the follow-up call two weeks in the future.
  6. Under Outcome Notes, type your notes about what happened during the meeting.

    Tip: You can send these notes to your assistant or another user in the office by selecting the Send this note as an alert and e-mail to other user(s) option.

  7. Click OK. If you opted to send your notes to another user, you will be prompted to select that other user.

The activity is now marked as done, and the follow-up activity is added to your calendar.

Working in the Agenda View

The Agenda tab in the calendar displays tasks and calendar appointments in a single list. You can use this view to easily filter and search for activities.

To access the Agenda, click the Agenda tab in the calendar.

To filter the Agenda list by type (e.g., to view only Call-type activities):

  1. In the Type column, click the small filter button in the column header.

  2. In the Equal to drop-down list, select Call.

    The list now diplays only Call activities.

To filter the Agenda list to display only those activities falling within a particular date range, use the Date Ranges drop-down list.

For example, to dispay only those activies that fall within the next 30 days, select Next 30 Days.