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A household groups together contacts that belong to the same family. It provides a consolidated view of the family's finances. In this lesson, we'll use the Smith family as an example.

Households are created automatically when you create key relations between contacts (more about that in our Key Relations lesson).


Search for Households

Do a blank search to display all households:

  1. In the Search box, click the drop-down list and select People & Companies > Household.

  2. Press the Enter key. The Household List displays all households in the database.

View Household Details

  1. In the Household List, click Smith Family – Demo in the first column to open the Smith Family’s Household record.
  2. Note that you are now viewing the Detail content link under the Household tab. The Detail content link contains basic information, including a list of household members.
  3. Click the Letters/Documents content link to see all letters and documents associated with household members.
  4. Click the Activity Log tab to see a list of calendar activities associated with household members. Here, you can see which household member you last met with.

View Household Member Information

  1. Click the Household tab, and then click the Detail content link.
  2. Locate the Household Members section. This is where you add, delete and manage household members.

  3. Click the Son link next to Bob Smith to view Bob’s household member information.

    This is where you would change Bob’s household role, if necessary.

  4. Click OK to close Bob’s household information.
  5. Click the Daughter link next to Cathy Smith to view Cathy’s household member information.
    • Note that the This is the Primary Household of this Contact box is not checked. This means another household is her primary household. Checking this box would change her primary household to the Smith Family household. Contacts can belong to multiple households in SmartOffice, but only one household can be the primary household.
  6. Click OK to close Cathy’s household member information.
  7. Click Cathy’s name to open her SmartOffice contact record.
  8. Click the Household tab to see a list of all households that Cathy belongs to.
    • Note the household displaying a Yes value in the Primary column; this indicates that Foster Family – Demo is Cathy’s primary household.