Welcome to SmartOffice Academy! The Academy is here to help Signator advisors learn SmartOffice basics quickly. This series of short lessons is packed with hands-on learning material. Each lesson includes a video and written instructions to help you get up to speed.

Academy topics

  • Setup and Contacts
    Learn how to navigate SmartOffice, and then dive into the basics of contact management. You’ll learn important skills like how to create, modify, group, import and search for contacts; create households and key relationships; enter notes in the SmartPad; and customize fields and list layouts.

  • Calendar
    Harness the power of SmartOffice’s calendar to better manage your time. These lessons show you how to create activities, manage tasks and collaborate with other users.

  • Investments
    Learn how to track your clients' personal finances. These lessons cover viewing account and position values and managing securities.

  • Integrations
    Find out how to speed up your daily workflows by using other applications with SmartOffice.