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Investment Accounts


Client investment accounts can be updated automatically in SmartOffice through various data feed sources. These sources includes custodians, clearing firms, direct mutual fund and variable annuity data providers, and portfolio management platforms.

You can also manually add accounts, holdings and securities. This is useful when you want to track your clients’ held-away assets or other types of data that are not available from a data feed.

This lesson focuses on managing investment account data that’s already loaded from a data feed.


Viewing a Client's Accounts

Suppose you want to view the accounts associated with client Ray Long. Here are the steps you would take:

  1. Open Ray Long's contact record.
  2. Click the Investment Accounts tab.

    The tab lists Ray's brokerage, direct and other accounts downloaded from Albridge.

    Tip: The Total Value column shows the value of each account. The total at the bottom of that column represents the client's total assets under management.

  3. To see the details of an account, click its link in the first column.

Editing an Investment Account

You can edit certain information in an investment account. For example, you can change the Account Name or the Account Type. You will still receive nightly updates from your data feed, but your changes will not be overwritten.

Important: Do not change the Account # field of an investment account if you want it to be updated by your data feed. The data feed uses the account number to update account information. Changing the Account # field can result in duplicate accounts being created in your database.