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Setup and Contacts

  • Orientation: Learn how to navigate SmartOffice.

  • Search: Dive into the basics of finding contacts in the system quickly.

  • Contacts: Learn how to access information about your clients and other contacts.

  • Lists: Find out how you can customize contact and other lists to show the columns you want.

  • Sets: Explore this method of grouping contacts in ways that will help you work faster.

  • Key Relations: Learn how to capture the personal, business and professional relationships between contacts.

  • Households: Set up a household view to gain a consolidated picture of a family’s finances.

  • Custom Fields: Find out how to create your own fields to track additional data that is important to you.

  • SmartPad: Get familiar with SmartOffice’s powerful note-taking tool.

  • Mass Modification: Learn how to edit the same field in multiple contacts at once.

  • Duplicate Records: Find out how to identify and merge duplicate contacts.

  • Creating Contacts: Learn how to add contacts to the system to keep track of your clients’ key information.

  • Data Import: Explore how to import contacts from other programs into SmartOffice Pro.